Operational by design, tactical by nature.

About Us

Variant One was founded to produce innovative tools through the convergence of aesthetics and performance.  Working in close partnership with specialized units of the US Military, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence communities, our products are designed, fabricated and field tested to perform in the most austere environments.  The result are tools that are operational by design and tactical by nature.  

At Variant One, we have two core business objectives.  (1) Building products to exceed mission requirements in a variety of formats to suit user preferences and (2) providing superior customer support to match.  Minimal marketing, limited distributors and low overhead all translate to a focus on producing the best tools at the lowest possible cost.  Every single product is personally guaranteed. 

Variant One Actual
Veteran owned.  Veteran operated.  Proudly made in America.

We leave nothing to chance - Made in the USA.
At the core of any quality product are the materials, craftsmanship and overall design.  We use CPM S30V and S35VN stainless steel for all cutting tools and a comprehensive heat-treating process that includes cryogenics. We have found that these steels produce a balance of corrosion resistance, toughness and hardness.  Titanium, carbon fiber, and G10 are the common materials used to construct the other elements of our tools.  Every tool is individually handcrafted using state of the art materials, coupled with meticulous attention to detail, each tool is mission ready.