Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my order?  Different sheath colors?  Blade finishes?
We are not accepting custom orders at this time.  

It is difficult to draw my blade from the sheath.
Over time the sheath will become more less retentive; however you can add a small amount of silicon based lubricants to lessen retention.

There are fine scratches on my knife blade.
Several of our products use Kydex™ primary material in our sheaths and carry systems.  Due to the fitment required, this material will cause fine scratches on your blade over time and use.  This is predominantly due to dirt, grit and other substances present inside of the sheath.  While the scratches may be cosmetically unappealing, they do not affect the integrity of the steel.

My Non Metallic tool or Handle is turning gray.
Several of knives and tools use G10 composite for handle material or may be entirely made of G10.  Over time this material will turn gray.  This is cosmetic only and does not affect the integrity of the G10.  In order to renew the black color, simply use WD 40 or similar lubricant and apply with lint-free cloth.

What are the recommendations for maintenance of my Variant One tool?
To keep your Variant One tool at optimal performance, it is your responsibility as the owner to ensure that it is clean, lubricated and sharpened.  We recommend using hot soapy water for general cleaning, followed by flushing with hot water and dried with compressed air.  Following the cleaning we recommend the use of a lubricant to protect from rust and other harmful substances.  For those tools that have lock or folding mechanisms, we highly recommend that these areas be keep clean, debris free and lightly lubricated.  For maximum cutting performance, you should sharpen your tool as needed.  If you are unfamiliar with sharpening your knife, we suggest using a professional service.  At no time should you use a power grinding wheel as it can severely damage your knife.